netVendor Fights For Man in the Street There are a lot of "Rogue" Vendors out there and netVendor is all for regulation in our industry. So much so that we were happy to go on camera to expose the way the industry of resellers is being abused by rogue vendors. Click Here to see the Carte Blanche report as view on air on Sunday 12 October 2014.

netVendor Gets Level 3 B-BBEE Rating netVendor remains committed to making sure that we as a South African company do our bit to helping every one we can in South Africa. We are proud to have been awarded our Level 3 contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Certificate.

netVendor Launches Intelligent Metering netVendor launched its new products on Friday the 6th June 2014 in Durban, Click Here to see the article in the Natal Mercury. The second launch was in Cape Town on the 13th June 2014. Watch this space for the launch in Gauteng and Namibia!

netVendor Making The News Again netVendor makes news in the SAPOA Property Review for October 2014, Click Here to see the article! Article on page 44.

netVendor Comments on Resellers The articles that you may have seen in the press recently concerning prepaid electricity are aimed at electricity resellers. Click Hereto see the article. Entities that purchase electricity and sell it on at a profit.

netVendor does not purchase electricity. Electricity is normally purchased by the Body Corporate of a complex in terms of a supply agreement with Eskom or the applicable Municipality. Electricity is then sold on to the residents via a prepayment platform. netVendor provides such a platform by generating prepaid vouchers requested by the consumer. For this service netVendor charges an administration fee of roughly 10% of the vouchers value this can vary on the size of complexes. This fee is either paid by the Body Corporate or by the consumer. The Body Corporate decides which payment method to use. The tariff netVendor uses is either the laid down prepayment tariff for the applicable supply authority or a tariff requested by the Body Corporate sufficient to ensure full recovery of the Municipal or Eskom account.

As stated above netVendor does not buy and sell electricity we are simply a service provider for prepaid electricity. In order to offer this service we have invested heavily in computer hardware and software not to mention support staff and associated transport. The administration charge is not excessive when seen in relation to these costs.

However, we are still classified as resellers. So to this avail netVendor is actively working with NERSA to get our industry regulated. Resellers and companies like ours definitely contribute to the South African electricity reticulation systems. We do provide a service which is required and working with the likes of NERSA and the municipalities there is a solution.

The netVendor Team